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24 August 2006 @ 02:12 pm
For all passerby individuals out there...  

This is an introductory community for the sharper-minded SasuHina pairing fandom, the individuals who are sickened by the lack of quality fanfiction and fanart in the original SasuHina community. The members here seek to explore and understand our pairing, and people in this society are very keen on being reasonable and keeping the characters as IC as possible. Creativity is more than welcome, but one must keep in mind of all the aspects of the canon storyline details in this region.

Keep in mind that under no circumstances will any other pairing or character bashing will occur in here (especially SasuSaku). We expect you to be as civil and considerate as you are with friends in your own fandom.

You are, however, allowed to rant about any issues or concerns on what is currently occuring in the SasuHina fandom. This is a community that seeks to improve the quality of SasuHina pairing fanworks, so be sure to tell us anything that could be improved. Suggestions or ideas on how to resolve those concerns are more than welcome, especially if the idea involves any ways to help improve the SasuHina fandom reputation. 

There is no discrimination on who is allowed to post here, as long as you provide a few beneficial words to our fans. Lurkers and rival pairing fans alike are welcome, as long as you have some advice for us.

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