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29 November 2009 @ 06:28 pm
This is basically a post for listing recommended fanfiction and fanart, SasuHina-centric mostly. Remember, though, to indicate this in the subject line. The recommended fanfics that get at least two votes from members of the community will be placed on this list.

For SasuHina fanfics...



For other fanfics that are decent...

Subject Line: FANFIC


Thank you for your cooperation. The fanfic list will update once every two days.
Here are the fanfics already in the C2 for Black, Red and White.

By the Windowsill by Yugao

Five Breaks Along the Line by inconstant heart

Addicted: Like Mice to Cheese by TakeHeart

Breathing Symphonies by Perfections-Cat

Until I Have You by Lacreta

Sometimes and Maybe by Sunfreak

Still Waters Run Deep by Winter Weatherman [RATED M]

Something Like Complete, Utter Shock by inconstant heart

Silent by Arya Tai

And Dream Skies Darken by ShisoLoveli

Cause for Conversation by firefly

Fans by Aixyutin

Roses Too Red, Violets So Blue by Arianna Cross

Romance In All The Wrong Places by Tessen-hime

The Logical Conclusion by Scented Candles

What Are We? by Audriel

The Heir by Enpitsu

Canvas by Arya Tai

Era by uncreative pseudonym

These Are the Facts by Sunfreak

Tell Me Where It Hurts by Dark-Hooded Eriol the Magician


If anyone has any suggestions, please place them here. :D
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12 July 2008 @ 08:03 pm
I noticed recently that the number of problems in terms of behavior and perspectives in the SasuHina fandom has exploded, and that there hasn't been much done about this particular. Here's to something that I hope can counter that.

What I'm thinking of is making this particular post as a long list of whatever that is not acceptable that is used in SasuHina fanfics and fanart (cliches, overused plots, out-of-character behavior), and how they can be broken or twisted into something new.

So, is anyone up for it? I'll start with the obvious ones:

Canon Storyline Cliche Plots:

The Arranged Marriage- Sasuke and Hinata are binded in a marriage contract from the past.

Alternate Universe Cliche Plots: (remember, if written well, cliches can be turned into something original)

Vampire/Supernatural AU- Usually Sasuke as the vampire and Hinata as an "innocent" human

The High School AU- Sasuke as the top guy and Hinata as the shy girl.

Out of Character Behavior:

Sasuke is sexually attracted to Hinata's looks and attributes.

Hinata hates Sasuke and he chases after her for it. They fall in love.

Love at first glance (basically, Sasuke notices how beautiful Hinata is and vice versa and they get together).

Bad Themes:

Darkness and Light (Sasuke being Darkness, Hinata being the Light)

Fairy tale romance

Feel free to add to the list or add another category, and it would be nice to provide advice. :)
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24 August 2006 @ 02:12 pm

This is an introductory community for the sharper-minded SasuHina pairing fandom, the individuals who are sickened by the lack of quality fanfiction and fanart in the original SasuHina community. The members here seek to explore and understand our pairing, and people in this society are very keen on being reasonable and keeping the characters as IC as possible. Creativity is more than welcome, but one must keep in mind of all the aspects of the canon storyline details in this region.

Keep in mind that under no circumstances will any other pairing or character bashing will occur in here (especially SasuSaku). We expect you to be as civil and considerate as you are with friends in your own fandom.

You are, however, allowed to rant about any issues or concerns on what is currently occuring in the SasuHina fandom. This is a community that seeks to improve the quality of SasuHina pairing fanworks, so be sure to tell us anything that could be improved. Suggestions or ideas on how to resolve those concerns are more than welcome, especially if the idea involves any ways to help improve the SasuHina fandom reputation. 

There is no discrimination on who is allowed to post here, as long as you provide a few beneficial words to our fans. Lurkers and rival pairing fans alike are welcome, as long as you have some advice for us.

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